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Road Patrol

A typically road deputy holds the responsibility of the first line of defense to criminal violations and traffic infractions.  These are commonly the deputies you will encounter in your community.  Although arrest and detention of criminals are made at all levels in the department, most are conducted with the Road Deputy on a daily basis


The detective bureau currently consists of 3 deputies dedicated to investigating felony criminal acts.  These deputies are constantly on call, and must remain available to respond to the scenes of these serious offenses ranging from burglaries, thefts, and murders.  These investigators are sometimes the unsung hero’s, taking many man-hours to successfully wrap up one lengthy investigation that a Road Deputy typically does not have to dedicate due to the excessive calls for service in the county.

Warrant Service

Every law enforcement agency in the state holds the responsibility of serving criminal warrants, fugitive warrants, bench warrants, capiases, and body attachment orders issued through the court system.  Many times at the Sheriff’s Department, the Road Deputy executes these warrants as the defendants are located.  Upon execution of these, the defendants are processed and brought before a judge or magistrate to be arraigned.

DVP Service

Every law enforcement agency in the state holds the responsibility of serving Domestic Violence Petitions.  Quite frequently, because of the convenient location to the magistrates’ offices, the Sheriff’s Department is relied on heavily to serve these petitions on the respondents. Most times the Road Deputy serves these petitions as the respondents are located.

Mental Hygiene Service & Transports

At the present time, the Sheriff’s Department is required by the state for the execution, detention, and transportation of individuals who are deemed as mentally unstable or those who are suffering from some type of substance abuse.  Locally, the Southern Highlands Mental Health Center, conducts such petitions and hearings, and is responsible for finding placement in a treatment facility, usually in Huntington,  for these individuals.   We currently employ some civilian transporters to help transport those committed for treatment.  Road Deputies execute these petitions and many times must conduct these transports when a civilian transporter is unavailable.

Prisoner Transport

The Sheriff’s Department holds the responsibility of transporting prisoners to and from the county and circuit courts.  Some of this responsibility is shared by the Southern Regional Jail Authority transporters, who bring detained prisoners from Beckley for court during the week.  It is also sometimes shared by the Officers at the Sam Purdue Juvenile Detention Center.  Quite often, however, bailiffs and road deputies have to transport these prisoners to their final destination.  Whether it be to court in Bluefield, back to the SRJ in Beckley, or to the Spadaro Juvenile Center near Mt. Hope, the Sheriff’s Office gets it done.  On the occasion, extraditions, or the picking up of prisoners from other jurisdictions and/or states, must also be conducted.  Arrangements then must be made for the transporting of these prisoners back to our jurisdiction for court.  Extradition has been made as far of as California for our local court system.

Court Bailiff

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for providing security to the Judges and Magistrates of the county.  Currently, we have five deputies and one civilian assigned to the courts for bailiff responsibilities

Court Executions

The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for collecting claims from the civil side of the court system.  Court ordered executions are granted so that the plaintiff has some relief in recouping monetary losses.

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